Friday, 24 December 2010

Summary Page - Neobux

Here is the summary page for my account right now:

As you can see it has quite a lot of information which is laid out in a easy to read and understand way.

Currently I have rented 33 referrals which I will talk about later.

my earnings are low but they are increasing with me putting all the money iv'e made back into getting more referrals.

How does it all work?

As with all PTC sites you get paid to click the ads they show you, for a standard member Neobux offers a minimum of 4 ads a day to click with others appearing as they are ordered by the advertisers.
Neobux pays out $0.01 per ad click and for standard members $0.005 for every click one of your referrals makes.

I've been using a spreadsheet to keep track of my earnings and as this is the first month for me my earnings are very random and minimal with setting up things and gaining more referrals however I have been making at least $0.20 a day from my clicks and my referrals clicks that's with around 33 referrals where I actually have a few that have not clicked for awhile so my income can only increase!
At this time of year the amount of people clicking will decrease so I am choosing not to recycle (change one of my rented referrals for a new one) until next year when people will start clicking again.

Yesterday I rented 10 new referrals and extended my renting on 5 other referrals which is my currently my money is down to $0.591

I will do more posts about the mechanics and strategy later on




  1. Sounds very nice! I'm looking forward to more posts about this. This new blog is great :)

  2. So far Neobux has been great I earned so much money with minijobs and I didn't have to Invest anything. I also rent referals as long as you have a decent recycling strategy they will be really profitable. You can also do offers and surveys.